Welcome to my land of whimsy!


“A passionate artist, social-entrepreneur, licensed coach, public speaker and world traveler, Arantza is the founder of TransformART Inc. Surrounded by penguins and sheep, she grew up in Patagonia and started travelling at a young age, she has worked for more than twenty years, in different countries counselling students, expats and immigrants on how to adapt to new cultures, cope and even embrace life’s changes with optimism and bright colours”. 

Before anything, I am a creative guide.  I help people get in touch with their creativity, letting go of fears and insecurities to find their happy place.  Come join me in a land you can create, where all your favourite things come alive and you are perfectly safe being you and sharing your hopes and dreams with kindred spirits.

Join me in changing the world
from within!


 I have experienced ART as the best way to reach out to our inner-world being the most powerful agent of transformation.  But my life has not always been surrounded by colours, brushes and paint… there was a time when I felt that this almost magical world was forbidden and I had to follow a path assigned to me by my most trusted guides in life and society in general.  It took an intricate and tortuous journey for me to reunite with the purpose and passions that truly move me and I am ready to share them will you.  


We can change the world together! I believe that any transformation, either small as a tiny daily habit or big as the greatest revolution in history, is created and fueled by people who are connected with their soul and therefore, committed to their hopes and dreams.  So please, grab some paper and  your favourites crayons or paints and give yourself the time to play like a child again.  If you need some inspiration or want to do it surrounded by friends follow me on social media and join our community of TransformARTISTS.


I had the privilege to share my story at a TEDx talk at the University HEC in Montreal. Titled “Changing the world while finding yourself through ART”