Welcome! The activities for the classes are distributed in ten weekly sessions that lead to nurture your soul and develop your artistic skills.  You will experience a different perspective, depending on the classes you choose, but they all focus on gratitude, empowerment and finding your peace and happiness through art.  Arantza will guide you through a series of innovative and playful practices using different techniques to explore your inner world and venture in to new possibilities to become happier.


Note: Preparation of the materials needed and clean up is included in the time indicated for the workshop.

Visit the calendar for more details on each workshop and enroll in the class of your choice.

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If you enjoy mandalas, chakras, essential oils, Eastern philosophies, gentle yoga, meditation and art, this class is made for you! 

These series of weekly classes will develop the transformational power of chakras and colours, symbology and exercises to look inward to get your peaceful fire on!  In this hands on journey you will communicate with the sacred within you to create.



Changes are stressful and can leave you very disoriented… specially if you are starting to experience adolescence.  Learning how to relate to the transformation you are experiencing, exploring who do you want to become and finding the strength to keep it all under control is not easy.  In this classes you will discover many answers to your questions and empower yourself to achieve all your dreams, remembering to aim for the stars. 

With the help of art journaling and many art techniques, you will create a guide to find you breezing through this amazing adventure of growing up as your amazing self. 




We all have an innate artist within us.  from childhood we have the ability to create and imagine which helped us grow, learn about the world around us and specially enjoy ourselves in the process. As we grow older and our inner creative gets intimidated or discouraged we lose the capacity to feel joy and relax at will.  The good news is that we can revert the process and benefit tremendously!  In this series of CLASSES, we will become inspired again, taking distance from daily pressures, fears or lack of confidence, we will explore the joy of learning about ourselves through paint, collage, modelling and other techniques.  And reclaim the gift of creativity, letting Art make you Happy and Free again.