We have a lot of workshops scheduled for this year!  Each one of them covers different topics specially designed to ignite creativity and joy in you. You will learn to release any fears or anxiety to reconnect with your inner guide to create and play. They don’t require previous experience, so you can relax and join us ready to have fun.


Note: Preparation of the materials needed and clean up is included in the time indicated for the workshop.

Visit the calendar for more details on each workshop and enroll in the workshop of your choice.

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(514) 649-0015

VISION BOARD: Manifesting the life you want


You have dreams, things you want, crazy ideas and hopes. Perhaps you haven’t had the time in your life to address them and now the perfect occasion has arrived!  Vision Boards are a wonderful way to bring clarity and connection to your dreams.  This workshop is the place to acknowledge your deepest desires and begin the walk towards a year of fulfillment and joy.

You will design a board, set intentions and create affirmation cards to help you stay on track along the way.  There will be a moment to meditate so you can connect with your true self and innermost desires, essential oils to help set up the mood, snacks and light refreshments to keep you awake and happy, along with other little surprises. 



In this interactive workshop you will take the time to nurture your soul and mind, that are usually confronted with routine, caregiving for others or a hectic life.  Towards the end of the session you will feel relaxed and happy, leaving with a finished art journal page and practical “take-away” tips to enjoy your life to the fullest.




The world MANDALA comes from the Sanskrit language and it basically means sacred circle. People have been making mandalas throughout human history to show wholeness and harmony.  The process of creating these designs triggers areas in your brain that make you feel relaxed and at peace.

Come to this workshop to make mandalas, learn how to continue with the habit at home, meditate and have some fun.



Mixed media uses a wide range of materials to create art.  The topic is so vast, interesting and exciting that after the first workshop you’ll l find yourself dreaming about the possibilities and what you will do in your next project.  In each workshop Arantza covers the basics, presents different materials and adds new techniques showing how each piece works and interacts with the others.    You will learn how to create a collage base on canvas, affix crayon wax and beeswax to a surface, use various materials to add texture and do transfers for imagery, with lots of added tips, among other things.  Some of the topics we will cover this year are elephants, magic, mermaids, wings of freedom and the home of your heart. 




Come for a fun class where you will learn how to make edible and cute tops for your cupcakes.

We will talk about the basics of sugar glassing, marzipan and gum paste handling and you will leave the class with ready to use sugar tops in different colours and shapes.  

We offer 4 Editions for this workshop:

SPRING EDITION: love, flowers, bees, bunnies and more adorable creatures your family will love.  

SUMMER EDITION: sand castles, lemonade, water sports, sunglasses, sea creatures and fun happy colours.

FALL EDITION: A lot of magic, Halloween, witches, cute pirates, colourful leaves and harvest excitement. 

WINTER EDITION: snowflakes, Christmas, Hanukah, snow men, little houses and more winter creatures




Art journaling is a visual diary where you record your memories, thoughts and dreams combined with your favourite kind of art.  Sometimes when words cannot be written creativity and images can take over, as well.   There are no rules in the adventure of recording your emotions with images, art and words so your wildest desires can come out to play!  In this class we will be making a beautiful handmade book and finish a page with watercolour techniques to create the backgrounds, lettering tips for the words and collage to finish up the details.

This will be a soulful experience that will relax you and inspire you to create along new friends.


Come celebrate a mother-daughter/s day and have a creative morning for yourselves.  We will be doing some team and individual work making inspirational cards for each other.  Through various revealing, heart-warming and fun activities you will create a memory to cherish and pretty special artwork to take back home.



Once a month you are invited to enjoy a private creative party.  We explore different techniques, materials and themes in a very personalized  and relaxed approach.  At the end of the party you will have a finished art project to take home,  a very happy mood and new friends.